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Part of a Period Library, County Cork, Ireland

Baskerville Bindings is a division of Simon Finch Rare Books Ltd., one of the country's leading antiquarian booksellers.

Baskerville Bindings has supplied leather bound books to a variety of customers throughout the world for the last twenty-five years. As a result, we have the expertise to meet every kind of requirement and the ability to transform a room, whether it is library furnishing for a whole library, a single shelf or books by the yard, through the use of fine leather bindings. More recently books for interior design have become an increasingly cost effective way of creating a room of distinction in any house.

Simon Finch Rare Books was founded in 1982. Baskerville Bindings is located with Simon Finch Norfolk, as a third branch of Simon Finch Rare Books, in the elegant Georgian town of Holt, North Norfolk.

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