leather bound books in a library in New Jersey

A Period Panelled Library in New Jersey

Leather Bound Books

Since the Renaissance, the personal library has been the universally-recognised mark of intellectual enquiry, good taste, and liberty of thought. In many people's eyes, a house without books is a house without a soul.

The enduring appeal of antique leather bound books

Antique books with fine bindings have universal appeal, they are visually enhancing and their addition to any decorative scheme creates an immediate impact and gives lasting pleasure. The antique leather bound books that we supply are mainly published and bound in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and are offered in a wide variety of colours.

They are approximately eight to nine inches in height, although other heights are available, and are primarily chosen for their decorative appearance rather than their subject matter. They are in English and are supplied in a mixture of matching sets with some single volumes. The books we supply are in faultless original condition.