Books for Library Furnishing

Library of a Regency House in London

The Library of a Regency House in London

We think of ourselves as library designers as well as booksellers, so we are always willing to be involved in the decorative aspects of a new library, as well as with the supply of fine bindings.

We are always willing to visit our clients to discuss details and to help with specific decisions such as matching books to a particular piece of furniture, planning a colour scheme and choosing the exact size of the books required, as well as their final arragement on the library shelves.

During the last thirty years we have supplied antique leather bound books to a variety of clients on a diverse range of projects from advertising displays to historic and country house libraries.

We have supplied and found leatherbound books most suitable for the following:

Advertising Displays, Antique Collectors, Antique Dealers, Architects, Banks, Bookcases, Conference Rooms, Corporate Headquarters, Country Clubs, Embassies, Entrance Halls, Film and Television Sets, Furniture Manufacturers, Golf Clubs, Historic and Country House Libraries, Hotels, Interior Decoration and Interior Decorators, Interior Design and Interior Designers, Property Developers, Restaurants, Shop Windows and Yachts.

We are also able to work in partnership with high quality manufacturers of bespoke Library Furnishing.